Criminal Law and Mental Health Law Representation in Southwestern Ontario

Based out of Windsor, but serving Southwestern Ontario, my law office, Daniel K. Topp, provides comprehensive criminal law defence. With extensive courtroom experience, a deep knowledge of the law and strong oratory abilities, I will ensure that your rights are completely protected. In addition to my experience handling regulatory offences, I also have experience with mental health law, within the parameters of criminal charges, as well as Fire Protection Act charges.

Should you need legal counsel in any of these areas, or the ones mentioned hereafter, please call me today.


I take on criminal cases such as:

Domestic Assaults

A domestic relationship has many ups and downs. Unfortunately, there are rare times when the police become involved. At those times, you need a lawyer. Choosing the right lawyer at the beginning of police involvement is paramount to succeeding in mending or ending the fractured relationship. You need an experienced lawyer like myself who can direct you through these troubled times.

Sexual Assaults

A charge of this nature has many serious consequences if you are convicted. In Canada, you could very well end up on the Sexual Offender Registry if you are convicted. From the outset you must get an experienced criminal lawyer to defend you. In some ways your very freedoms are on the line. Don't make another mistake and let this matter sit. Get help immediately and call me.

Drug Offences

Drug convictions, no matter how minor, can impede your ability to freely travel across borders. With any drug charge, no matter how small you think it is, it is in your best interests to call a lawyer as soon as you can. Just because you are caught with drugs, no matter what kind or how much does not mean that you are guilty. The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms has given you protections that you are entitled to.

Bail Hearings

When you are arrested by the police and held in custody, you have the constitutional right to a bail hearing. The bail process is the first and, in some cases, the most important step in your defence. It is important to hire a lawyer who can provide counsel and advocate on your behalf. If you or your loved one is in custody, call a lawyer immediately to help secure your loved one's freedom.

Impaired Driving

Being charged with impaired driving is a serious offence, the consequences of which are long-lasting. Not only could your licence be suspended for at least 90 days, you may have to pay minimum fines starting at $1,000. Make sure you are represented in court by a lawyer who understands the system and is able to provide you with strong legal representation.

Impaired by Drug

The police are now laying charges of Impaired Operation of a motor vehicle when you have no alcohol in your system. The law, as it stands now, allows police to charge you if they think that you are impaired by drugs. The consequences of a conviction are exactly the same as Impaired Driving. You must fight these drug charges because many times your driving is not impaired by drugs.

Mental Health Law

Within the realm of criminal law lies the specialty of Mental Health Law. Many people who suffer from mental illness often times find themselves "trapped" in the Criminal Justice System. I have been a part of the committee dealing with mental illness in the criminal courts since its inception. Please allow me to help you or your loved one navigate the often times confusing court system. I will do my utmost, using my nuanced understanding of mental health law to provide you with a solid defence. There are many avenues available to clients suffering from mental illness who are dealing with a criminal charge that will not necessarily end in criminal conviction. 

Call me immediately if you or your loved one suffers from mental illness and is currently facing a criminal charge. I will exhaust all options to ensure your rights are fully protected.



Additional Criminal Charges

No matter how big or small your criminal charge may seem to you, it is of up most importance to have a credible and competent lawyer handle your matter personally. For over fifteen years, I have defended the rights of my clients in cases such as shoplifting, DUIs and assault.

It can be as a result of a simple misunderstanding, or you may be falsely accused. When winning matters, call Daniel K. Topp today.






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