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For almost 20 years, Daniel Topp has provided legal representation for residents across Windsor, Essex, Chatham, and Sudbury facing criminal charges.

When you've been charged or expect to be charged with domestic or sexual assault, drug offences, impaired driving, or additional criminal charges, a seasoned criminal defence lawyer can judiciously defend you and your freedoms. There could be more on the line fines, civil suits, defamation, etc. that Daniel Topp's Windsor law firm can protect you from, too.

For strong legal representation and advice from one of the most experienced and successful criminal lawyers in Windsor, get in touch with Daniel Topp for a fighting chance to clear your charges.


Criminal Lawyer Services in Windsor, Ontario

While some Windsor criminal lawyers specialize in specific areas of the law, Daniel Topp's law firm handles virtually all criminal charges you may face in Ontario.


Domestic assault charges in Ontario are serious offences when the police get involved. This is a sensitive area of criminal law, as you're dealing with family a tested criminal defence lawyer can help you navigate this delicate situation.

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Sexual assault charges in Ontario will not only impact your criminal record and reputation, but your personal well-being, too. Our Windsor law office provides representation, protection, and support to those charged with sexual assault.



Even a minor drug offence can have serious repercussions on your livelihood, freedoms, and criminal record. Whether you're a first time offender or a repeat offender charged with drug possession or drug trafficking charges, Daniel Topp's Windsor criminal law firm can help.



Not only limited to cars, you can be charged with impaired driving in Ontario while operating ATVs, boats, aircrafts, or railway equipment. As an experienced Windsor criminal lawyer, Daniel Topp can advise and represent you against these criminal charges.


Health Law

If you or someone you know is facing criminal charges, but suffers from a mental health condition, contact Daniel Topp as soon as possible before the case gets lost in the system.


by Drugs

Even without alcohol in your system, you can still face the same serious ramifications as a DUI charge if you're charged with drug impairment. Daniel Topp's law office knows how to best defend you against these charges in an Ontario court of law.



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Your Windsor Criminal Defence Lawyer

Practicing criminal law has always been my passion. Ever since I watched my father, who was a top criminal defence lawyer, serve the legal system, I've lived and breathed criminal law in Ontario since I was 23.

As I've done for almost 20 years, I exhaust every resource and all my experience and knowledge to ensure the rights of my clients are fully protected. Serving the Windsor, Essex, Chatham, and Sudbury regions, it's the mandate of my Windsor criminal law office to provide the best representation and legal advice against any criminal charges.

You don't want to put your rights, freedoms, and reputation in jeopardy. As clients in the Windsor community have done for two decades, you can feel confident with a judicious, experienced criminal defence lawyer in your corner.

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Visit our Windsor law firm and sit down with Daniel Topp to comfortably discuss your criminal or potential criminal charges. It's free, and confidential.

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