Daniel K. Topp, Bail Hearings Lawyer in Windsor, Ontario

When you are arrested by the police and held in custody, you have the constitutional right to a bail hearing. The bail process is the first, and in some cases, most important step in your defence.

Bail is an integral part of the criminal justice system in Canada; it determines if you'll be released before your trial, which can be months, or even years away. Therefore, securing a quick and reasonable bail is imperative when facing criminal charges otherwise, your job, livelihood, and reputation will be negatively impacted. You don't want to be awaiting your trial stuck in jail, when you could be at home with family working on your case and defence.

As a seasoned bail hearings lawyer that's defended clients in the Windsor, Essex, Chatham, and Sudbury regions, my top priority is securing your release from jail so you can continue living your life with your family, and get on with your career.  I've represented and advised clients facing myriad of criminal charges in Ontario, from sexual and domestic assault, to driving impairment and mental health law.

In some cases, when my client is under investigation for a crime, I've been able to secure release from the police station bypassing the need for a bail hearing in court entirely. Unfortunately, these cases are rare, which is why you'll need a bail hearing lawyer to significantly improve your chances of securing a speedy and fair bail.

Poor preparation for your bail hearing can have dire consequences. You could be stuck in jail for weeks or months, even if you aren't convicted of the crime. And if you manage to secure bail, there's still the matter of bail restrictions imposed by the judge my Windsor law office and I ensures these restrictions are lawful and fair.

With the better part of 20 years experience in bail hearings and processes, I can position you best for a quick and reasonable bail. Don't be stuck in jail for months if it's unnecessary contact me immediately so we can start building your case before your bail hearing.

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