Daniel K. Topp, Mental Health Lawyer in Windsor, Ontario

Though our current healthcare system is getting a better understanding of mental health, and providing the necessary support for people with improved mental health rights in Canada, mental health law remains a challenging area to navigate. It's a tightrope act of balancing patient autonomy and the protection of people suffering from mental health issues.

For these individuals, even the simplest legal issue can be confusing and frustrating. Oftentimes, these are the people that "slip through the cracks' of the legal system, as it's near impossible to obtain proper medication and/or counselling to treat their mental illness while managing their defence against criminal charges. Resources for people with mental health issues are limited, and this is even more evident when it comes to Canada's criminal justice system. We've found many families struggling to get their loved ones the help and support they require.

As an experienced mental health lawyer in Windsor, Ontario, I have almost 20 years experience in mental health policy related to criminal law. I understand how to best represent the accused, and how to navigate the ever-changing laws surrounding mental health and crime. My priority is two-fold getting you or a loved one the help they need for their mental health problems, and to avoid spending time in jail, if the crime is severe enough. Using knowledge and the resources available under the Criminal Code and the Mental Health Act, I can position you or a loved one best to protect all rights, reputation, and freedoms, while securing the proper mental health support.

Sometimes, a criminal charge can be directly linked to the accused person's mental condition. I've been successful in having charges like these withdrawn through a Mental Health Diversion Program assessment, meaning the accused person charged will instead be housed and treated in a mental health facility instead of facing jail time with minimal mental health treatments available.

If you or a loved one with a mental health issue find yourself in a situation like this, contact my Windsor law office right away. The sooner my Windsor law firm and I are involved, the better chance we have of ensuring the best outcome for you.

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