Daniel Topp Criminal Law Services in Windsor and South-Western Ontario

As a seasoned criminal defence lawyer based in Windsor, I've successfully defended hundreds of clients in Southwestern Ontario including Essex, Chatham, and Sudbury against minor and serious criminal charges.

With extensive courtroom experience, a deep knowledge of Ontario criminal law, and strong oratory abilities, my Windsor law firm and I will ensure your rights and freedoms are fully protected.

Unlike many criminal lawyers in Windsor, I'm well-versed in many niches of criminal law. You can learn more about the criminal law services my office offers below, or please contact me for a free, confidential consultation if you need legal representation immediately.

Domestic Assaults

One of the most common criminal offences my Windsor law office defends, domestic assault charges in Ontario can include assault, verbal threats, theft, mischief of property, and other criminal offences that occurred in a domestic context.

Sexual Assaults

Sexual assault charges in Ontario are some of the most serious criminal offences you can face. Based on Canadian law, you can end up on the Sexual Offender Registry if you're convicted. The impact on your future will be substantial which is why acting quickly and getting ahead of your charges to find the best solution is imperative. I can help.

Drug Offences

Even 'minor' drug charges in Windsor, Ontario, can have damaging consequences on your freedoms and reputation. They can even affect your ability to freely travel across international borders.

I believe that just because you're caught with drugs no matter the type, or the amount it doesn't necessarily predicate guilt.

Impaired Driving

An impaired driving charge in Windsor will, at minimum, consequence in a suspended license for at least 90 days in addition to fines starting at $1,500. I've defended hundreds of impaired driving cases in court, and understand the system as well as any, allowing me to find the best resolution or a withdrawal of charges altogether.

Impaired By Drug

Police in Windsor and Southwestern Ontario can now charge you for impaired operation of a motor vehicle under the influence of drugs. The consequences of a conviction are more or less the same as impaired driving, meaning similar repercussions and fines. In many of the court cases I've fought, my client's driving was often not impaired by drugs which is why you should consider a Windsor criminal defence lawyer to review your case first.

Mental Health Law

Within the realm of criminal law lies the growing speciality of Mental Health Law. Many people who suffer from mental health illness find themselves 'trapped' in the Criminal Justice System.

As a member of a committee dealing with mental illness in Windsor and Ontario criminal courts, my involvement as a mental health lawyer means I can help you or a loved one navigate the esoteric court systems and its processes. There are many options available to clients suffering from mental illness who are dealing with a criminal charge that will not necessarily end in criminal conviction you just need the proper counselling and representation, which I can provide.

Bail Hearings

When you are arrested by the police and held in custody for a criminal offence in Ontario, you have the constitutional right to a bail hearing. The bail process is the first and, in some cases, most important step in your defence.

Finding a criminal defence lawyer in Windsor who can provide counsel and advocate on your behalf is essential representing yourself, without intricate knowledge of bail hearing proceedings, won't position you in the best way possible to post bail. If you or your loved one is in custody, contact me and we can start preparing for your hearing.

Additional Criminal Charges

No matter how minor or major your criminal charge may seem to you, it's always advisable to work with a credible and competent criminal defence lawyer to handle the matter personally. When it comes to protecting your rights, defending your reputation, or avoiding fines or jail time, you never want to leave anything to chance, as the consequences will reverberate for a lifetime.

For almost 20 years, I have defended the rights of my clients in cases in Ontario that aren't listed above, too.

It can be as a result of a simple misunderstanding, or you may be falsely accused. Regardless of your situation, let's sit down and discuss your case first. You can always schedule a consultation with me at my Windsor law office. It's free, confidential, and will allow you to gauge whether I'm a good fit for you, and you're comfortable with me to represent you in court if necessary.

Winning matters. Contact me today to schedule your initial, confidential consultation.

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