Domestic Assault

Domestic Assault can happen within a family, or intimate relationship and it can include such acts as criminal or sexual harassment, threatening death or bodily harm, breach or court orders and/or an actual assault.

Recently these cases have attracted more and more attention and as a result, many times, the police and prosecution are geared towards charge first, ask questions later. In these instances, whether it's a family member, intimate partner, or even a neighbour calling the police, once they get involved, chances are you'll be charged.

This new process was brought in to protect the victims, appropriately so, but unfortunately, the process itself can also be abused. Knowledge of this, can lead some people who are feeling slighted to use the system as revenge. This can lead to charges, jail time and restrictions on your freedom that are unfair and unfounded.

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When winning matters.

I have the experience, the knowledge and the understanding to help you through this process.

Sometimes the best intentions can be misunderstood and you can end up in a situation that quickly spins out of control. You never meant to hurt them, or scare them, but frustrations escalated and now the police are involved.

Domestic Assault is a serious matter - contact my office right away if you find yourself in situation like this. The sooner that I 'm involved the better chance that we have at ensuring the best outcome for you.

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