Experienced Defence for Domestic Assault Charges in Windsor, Ontario

Domestic assault charges in Windsor, Ontario, can include but is not limited to criminal or sexual harassment, threatening death or bodily harm, breaching court orders, or an actual assault within the family or another intimate relationship.

Recently, domestic assault cases have garnered more attention in the news and social media, and as result, the mindsets of police and prosecution have shifted to 'charge first, ask questions later'.  Therefore, whether it's a family member, intimate partner, or even neighbours calling the police, once authorities get involved, chances are you'll be charged with domestic assault.

While new Ontario law processes are doing its best to protect victims, along with it comes more chances for the system to be abused. For example, my Windsor defence law firm has handled client cases in which the plaintiff, who felt slighted by the defendant, used the system as a means of revenge. This can lead to charges, jail time and restrictions to freedoms that are unfair and unfounded.

For almost 20 years, I've used my knowledge and understanding of domestic assault charges in Canada to defend my clients in the Windsor, Essex, Chatham, and Sudbury regions. Whether it's a first time assault charge or you're a repeat offender, I have the experience to protect your rights, reputation, and freedoms throughout the process. You'll have the full support of my Windsor law office, and the plentiful resources we have on hand.

Being charged with domestic assault in Ontario is a serious matter - contact my office right away if you find yourself in situation like this. The sooner my Windsor law firm and I are involved, the better chance that we have of ensuring the best outcome for you.

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